Being the inquisitive type in Jan 2015 I decided to use one of the mail order saliva dna tests. I am happy to say I am relatively free of debilitating diseases lol. The test cost £125 and the sample shipped to Holland and took about 3 weeks for the initial results to be made available. I'm not quite sure what to make of the results because they predicted my eye colour as probably being blue (although I guess they were blue as a baby but are now green) and categorise me having decreased odds of being bald. A lot of the items won't mean a lot to anybody else much without the full report.



Genetic Risk Factors

These reports show your results for specific genetic variants that are associated with a higher risk for developing certain health conditions. Environmental and lifestyle factors can also contribute to these conditions.

Name Confidence Status
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Alzheimer's Disease (APOE Variants) ε4 Variant Absent
Early-Onset Primary Dystonia (DYT1-TOR1A-Related) Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Factor XI Deficiency Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Familial Hypercholesterolemia Type B (APOB-Related) Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Familial Transthyretin (TTR) Amyloidosis Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (BRCA1- and BRCA2-Related, Selected Mutations) Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE-Related) Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (MYBPC3 25-base-pair Deletion) Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Inherited Thrombophilia (Factor V Leiden- and Prothrombin-Related) Variant Absent; Typical Risk
Parkinson's Disease (LRRK2- and GBA-Related) Variant Absent; Typical Risk

Drug Response

This section displays status with regard to genetic variations that have been linked to differences in how people respond to drugs. These may be differences in sensitivity or in the likelihood or severity of side effects.

Name Confidence Status
Warfarin Sensitivity Increased
Clopidogrel Efficacy Reduced
Phenytoin Sensitivity (Epilepsy Drug) Increased
Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) Metabolism Intermediate
Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency Increased
Sulfonylurea Metabolism Reduced
Abacavir Hypersensitivity Typical
Acetaldehyde Toxicity Typical
Fluorouracil Toxicity Typical
Hepatitis C Treatment Response Typical
Simvastatin-Induced Myopathy Typical Risk
Thiopurine Methyltransferase Activity Likely Typical (Normal Activity)

Inherited Conditions

These reports show results for specific genetic variants that can cause certain health conditions. Many of these conditions are recessive, meaning that they only occur when you have two variants for that condition, one inherited from each parent. If you have inherited just one variant, you are said to be a "carrier". Carriers usually do not have the condition, but can pass the variant on to their children.

Name Confidence Status
Cystic Fibrosis Variant Present
ARSACS Variant Absent
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum with Peripheral Neuropathy (ACCPN) Variant Absent
Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease Variant Absent
Beta Thalassemia Variant Absent
Bloom's Syndrome Variant Absent
Canavan Disease Variant Absent
Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation Type 1a (PMM2-CDG) Variant Absent
Connexin 26-Related Sensorineural Hearing Loss Variant Absent
D-Bifunctional Protein Deficiency Variant Absent
DPD Deficiency Variant Absent
Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase Deficiency Variant Absent
Familial Dysautonomia Variant Absent
Familial Hyperinsulinism (ABCC8-related) Variant Absent
Familial Mediterranean Fever Variant Absent
Fanconi Anemia (FANCC-related) Variant Absent
G6PD Deficiency Variant Absent
GRACILE Syndrome Variant Absent
Gaucher Disease Variant Absent
Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1a Variant Absent
Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b Variant Absent
Hereditary Fructose Intolerance Variant Absent
Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (LAMB3-related) Variant Absent
Leigh Syndrome, French Canadian Type (LSFC) Variant Absent
Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy Variant Absent
Maple Syrup Urine Disease Type 1B Variant Absent
Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase (MCAD) Deficiency Variant Absent
Mucolipidosis IV Variant Absent
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (CLN5-related) Variant Absent
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (PPT1-related) Variant Absent
Niemann-Pick Disease Type A Variant Absent
Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome Variant Absent
Pendred Syndrome Variant Absent
Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 2 (PH2) Variant Absent
Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata Type 1 (RCDP1) Variant Absent
Salla Disease Variant Absent
Sickle Cell Anemia Variant Absent
Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome Variant Absent
Tay-Sachs Disease Variant Absent
Tyrosinemia Type I Variant Absent
Usher Syndrome Type I (PCDH15-related) Variant Absent
Usher Syndrome Type III Variant Absent
Zellweger Syndrome Spectrum Variant Absent


Some of our physical attributes are completely determined by genetics while others are influenced by many genetic as well as non-genetic factors.

Name Confidence Status
Alcohol Flush Reaction Does Not Flush
Bitter Taste Perception Unlikely to Taste
Blond Hair 10% Chance
Earwax Type Wet
Eye Color Likely Blue
Hair Curl Slightly Curlier Hair on Average
Lactose Intolerance Likely Tolerant
Male Pattern Baldness Decreased Odds
Muscle Performance Likely Sprinter
Norovirus Resistance Resistant to the Most Common Strain
Red Hair 5% Chance, Carrier
Smoking Behavior Typical
Asparagus Metabolite Detection Higher Odds of Detecting
Birth Weight In Report
Caffeine Consumption In Report
Caffeine Metabolism Fast Metabolizer
Cilantro (Coriander) Aversion In Report
Eye Color: Preliminary Research In Report
Finger Length Ratio In Report
Food Preference In Report
Freckling In Report
Hair Curl: Preliminary Research In Report
Height In Report
Hypospadias Typical Odds
Iris Patterns In Report
Male Pattern Baldness: Preliminary Research In Report
Measures of Obesity In Report
Nearsightedness and Farsightedness In Report
Photic Sneeze Reflex Typical Odds
Response to Diet In Report
Response to Exercise In Report
Tooth Development In Report
Childhood and Adolescent Growth No Data
Breast Morphology Not Applicable
Menarche Not Applicable
Menopause Not Applicable
Hair Thickness Typical, if European or African
Memory Increased Episodic Memory
Odor Detection Typical Sensitivity to Sweaty Odor
Pain Sensitivity Increased

Raw Data

rsid chromosome position genotype
rs3131972 1 752721 GG
rs148828841 1 760998 CC
rs12124819 1 776546 AG
rs115093905 1 787173 GG
rs11240777 1 798959 AG
rs7538305 1 824398 AA
rs4970383 1 838555 CC